Part 2 of the video chat 10/10/14

Part 1 of the video chat 10/10/14

Here's the start-up trailer for upcoming Robin McAuley videos

I got to meet Robin on my 27th birthday on June 28th, 2014 at the Raiding the Rock Vault "Meet and Greet" in Las Vegas. When I got the chance to meet him, he was such a nice and humble guy and
was kind enough to sign my McAuley Schenker Group album, Save Yourself! That was a great way to spend my 27th birthday! Robin has such a powerful voice! Nelson Hua West Covina, CA 

I had seen the show Raiding the Rock Vault about 12 times when these photos were taken, but had never gone through the signing line after the show to meet anyone because I was too shy. As this signing was ending my then boyfriend (now fiancé) called to Robin for a photo, he graciously obliged but the photos were blurry. I didn't want to bother him again, but when my boyfriend explained, he was so kind and posed again with me. These are the non blurry photos that resulted. From that moment on I knew what a nice and truly wonderful guy Robin was. We've now seen the show 17 times! He is absolutely favorite...I like everyone else, but his voice and stage presence is why I keep going back! He is never allowed to leave!! Amanda Friedhoff 

One of the greatest voices of rock of all time, from the beginnings in the Gran Prix, Mcauley Schenker Group and Survivor, always followed all their steps and their work, to be distant (Brazil) had never been able to watch it live. But in 2014, specifically July and August I attended the shows Raiding the Rock Vault in Las Vegas since 2012 where Robin is presented along the large cast of Rock Stars, and thus realized that dream. Singing with mastery and power of Rock Classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s, such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Bad Company, Survivor, Eagles, Supertramp ... and many others. Robin Mcauley, Long Live Rock n Roll, that God will give us the opportunity to hear his beautiful voice for decades and decades! Newton Junior, Curitiba (PR) BRAZIL

MSG with Robin singing was always one of my favorite bands, but I've never been able to see Robin on 
stage with MSG, and, living in Europe, it wasn't that easy when he later joined Survivor. The few times they planned shows in Europe always got canceled. Then, Def Leppard planned this
Hysteria residency at The Joint in Vegas, and as they've always been in my top 5, I decided to travel
there for a weekend (crazy? no, just fan :) and go to see them. I couldn't attend the Rock Vault because
the Def Lep gigs were on the same days I was there, but decided to drop a line to Robin on FB to see if
I could meet up with with him for at least an autograph, tho I had no hope for an answer as we didn't
know each other. To my surprise, he answered me he'd be happy to stop by and say hi, as he really cares for his fans :) So, after Def Leppard were done, I quickly jumped in my rental car, drove all the way from the Hard Rock Hotel to the LVH and got inside the building. Robin was standing there, I came to him and that's how I met him. I was impressed, as he's really kind and down to Earth guy, so we talked a bit, I had my stuff signed (brought some LP's from Switzerland for that purpose ^^) and a pic with him, and then he left. I felt very lucky I could meet him as it's a very big place, and I'm thankful to see an artist I've always liked is so available to his fans. Thanks again, Robin :) you rock. Celine Koher

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