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- At 60, Robin McAuley of MSG (McAuley Schenker Group) is still in remarkable grasp of his high-end wail, whether on Queen’s “We Are the Champions” or Supertramp’s “The Logical Song.”

Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review-Journal

- 2xseeing @rock_vault-it's a great show BUT you can tell @robin_mcauley is the only one into it

Taylor Carlson - You are not only one of my favorite rock singers of all time, you are one of my favorite people, period. This is because you do what it takes to show the fans that you appreciate their support...

Brian Thomas seem so approachable and engaging and this is so important to your fans ( you gave me a minute or two after RV) and so your fans really do appreciate this and you appeared sincere to do this after the show, so thanks for that!

Michael Eden Yourn The album "Perfect Timing" helped me through some of my worst years in my life. That music and that blistering voice helped me see light when there was nothing but dark. You really have no idea how it effects people.......MUSIC CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Garner Yep
Robin McAuley and Stairway to Heaven, better than the original singer! When I hear that song on the radio, I think of Robin at Rock Vault

Taylor Carlson
After seeing Raiding the Rock Vault, Robin McAuley is one of the few people that can do "Alright now", a Paul Rodgers song, justice and that is no easy task! I love a variety of the songs he sang in his career, starting with both Grand Prix records he recorded. My favorite McAuley Schenker Group songs are Gimme Your Love, Anytime, and When I'm Gone. I don't think there is anything I have ever heard this man sing that I DON'T enjoy.

Karen Roadhouse Fossati 
Since I just jumped on the Robin Mc Auley discography train this year, after seeing him in Raiding The Rock Vault, and subsequently following him here on FB, watching the #tbt MSG videos, and other gems posted, I really can't say what is my favourite! He is consistently on the mark, no matter the song he sings! Ty for sharing your career and letting me *catch up* and enjoy!

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