Chapter 6: Black Swan

Chapter 5: Sin City

Chapter 2: England here I come

Chapter 3: Deutschland

Chapter 4: USA


It was in May of 1988 when MSG came to Bangles night club in Denver, Hurricane was the opening act. Michael and Robin delivered a blistering set; I was so amazed at his singing, blown away! I knew Robin was good, but his performance totally convinced me that he belongs in what I call my list of great singers: Plant, Daltry, Coverdale, Gilliian, ect....
The best part was, that my friend Mark Hahn was hanging out with the bands after the show. He sent his girlfriend to find me, and that was when I met Robin and Michael, what a treat! I talked to him and told him I loved his work with Grand Prix. He had a most awesome smile and personal touch; his demeanor was pure class! I'd love to talk with him again some time. I love all the stuff him and Micheal did as a band , and would love to see them team up again, they were the best ever! Sean Dixon

The Chapters of my Life

Chapter 1: The Beginnings