Guess who showed up to the McAuley Schenker 2012 San Francisco show ? No other than “Enter Sandman” Metallica front man James Hetfield. Being a huge UFO and MSG fan, he wore his MSG T-Shirt and posed for this pic backstage before we hit the stage. He's the coolest dude and we swapped some great on-the-road stories with each other, while Wayne Findlay was busy mixing his now famous “Findlay” (Sapphire Gin with Tonic and a splash of the secret Findlay ingredient) to loosen things up before the shredding started. James stayed the entire show, sipping on his "Findley" and playing air-guitar up on the balcony. Pretty cool I'd say!!

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    The Renaissance Rock Orchestra is a classical progressive rock group. Our music blends classical, orchestral, symphonic and progressive elements into hard rock and heavy metal!
    The CD was recorded at the Tone Factory in Las Vegas. It is mostly instrumental, EXCEPT for one song. Robin's voice was our only wish...and he killed it! It is definitely the highlight of the CD. It was an honor working with him. Completely prepared and professional ... he took the song to a whole other level. Currently it is getting airplay around the world. The work is a few years in the making .... but finally released! Written and produced by Gregg Fox, produced and engineered by Vinny Castaldo ... I performed the bass tracks and some guitar, as well as co-produced.
    That session was definitely a big highlight in my career!
    Much Love and Peace ...  Mikey "Bones" Gerbino

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